1 - 10 10 "Publishing":
1. Genealogical Publishing Co. & Clearfield Co.
 home of the Genealogical Book Shop.
2. Gordon and Breach Publishing Group
 publisher in physical sciences, life sciences and medicine, social sciences and humanities, visual and performing arts.
3. Journal of Electronic Publishing
 peer-reviewed journal featuring scholarly and other articles on the field of electronic publishing.
4. Zondervan Publishing House
 with over 400 individual Bible products centered around the New International Translation.
5. Online Journal Publishing Service (OJPS)
 American Institute of Physics online journals.
6. Mayfield Publishing Company
 publisher of college textbooks for the humanities and social sciences.
7. EBSCO Publishing
 offers databases to organize electronic journals, books, and subscriptions.
8. Autoweb Worldwide Publishing, Inc.
 Publishers of Truckworld Online! Covers four wheel drive, street, show and event, racing trucks, classified advertising, and more.
9. Cahners Publishing Company
 publisher of business-to-business and special consumer magazines and newspapers.
10. World Book Publishing
 Arabic and Islamic book publishers and distributors.